Tanzania Safaris

Private safaris:

For those who wish to avoid groups, a private safaris is highly recommended for several reasons. We can designed according to the kind of experience you want, visiting the parks, and reserves you wish to see most, and traveling on dates that suite you best. You may spend your time doing what you want to do rather than having to compromise with the group. If you wish, you may socialize with other travelers at mealtimes and still have the flexibility to do what you want on your game activities.

Honeymoon Safaris:

There is no more romantic setting for a honeymoon than an African safaris. Most honeymooners begin with a few days to relax and recover from wedding in a five- star hotel or beach resort then it’s off on Safari! Honeymoon safaris like all safaris can include as plush or rusting accommodations as you wish. Most camps and small lodges have a “honeymoon tent” or honeymoon suite on the premises to insure maximum privacy. Please keep in mind that some tented camps and small lodges have two single beds in most of their rooms of tents, so be sure to let us know you are indeed honeymooners.

Family Safaris;

More and more parents and grand parents are taking their children and grandchildren on safari. Seeing nature in all its abundance as a child is an experience that cannot be understimated. In most cases the best option we can recommend for families is a private safari with your own vehicle and guide. You may travel at your own pace and choose camps and lodges that offer amenities, likes swimming pools,that will provide the kids with some play times as well as help them burn off some of that endless energy they seem to possess. We as Bravo safaris we do recommend to visit schools and villages can provide insights into how children of their own age live in the countries you are visiting and will helpfully make them more thankful for what they have.

Extra activities

  • Hot Air Baloon Safari in Serengeti
  • Night Photo Safari in Manyara Park
  • Visit Maasai Boma Village
  • Bycicle trip in the wild
  • Immersive walking tour in the forest
  • Walking tour to Lake Duluti
  • Horseback riding
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