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Before traveling to Tanzania East Africa, here are helpful travel informations.

Language – English is widely spoken in all the regions in Tanzania. But remember not everybody can be able to speak grammatical as you speak. Tanzania has 120 tribes which every tribe has its own language apart from Swahili which is National Language.

Food on Safari- excellent cuisine, along with interesting local dishes, is served in the top hotels, camps, restaurants and lodges. breakfast usually fruits, eggs, bacon, sausages, juices, cereals, toast, coffer and tea. lunch usually assorted cold meats and salads with breads, butter, perhaps a warm dish. dinner usually are three courses but depend on where do you stay, camps, lodges or hotels. They will start with an appetizer or soup, main entree and vegetables and dessert.

Flights- check in 2hours prior to departure for international flights. 1 hour prior to departure for domestic flights.

Health & Dietary –flying doctors are more important while on safari. Some of the lodges and hotels have their own doctor.

Luggage- domestic flights need not more than 15 kg

Money- Dollars,  euros, local money, Visa/master card

Please note that the information’s given here are only an orientation. It is essential to check with your doctor, bank and embassies/consulates.

Safari cost

When first time travelers to Africa / Tanzania start looking at safari programs, they often feel that safaris are ” expensive ” . What they soon realize is that most safaris programs include all meals and game activities while in the  safari camps and lodges, charter flight transfers, taxes, park fees, road and in some cases, laundry and drinks. I like to compare this to ski vacation  where the accommodation and flights are booked in advance and may seem quite reasonable but after you add up the credit cards bills that follow for the ski lift tickets, rental car, ski rentals and all your meals, you then have a fair comparison with the relative cost of a safari.

The cost of the day is most dependent upon how comfortably you wish to travel ( the level of accommodation ), the remoteness of the safari, types of transportation used, the quality of the guides whether you are on private safaris or on a group tour and the countries involved.
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